The Sentinel Chronicles:

Prelude to Darkness (2017)

Short 12 mins

Action Sci Fi Grindhouse

Staring Angela Robinson and John Stottman


Originally began in 1998 as an independent print media company known as Atomic Bomb Enterprises Jay Welin founder and a collection of artists and writers began publishing.  Their first project was a short lived 1 year print magazine entitled Propaganda.  In 2001 moving into the age of the internet efforts were focused online with the creation of Pyrate X Satellite: a multi-media independent radical journalism project.  It would evolve into UMN, Micro-Studios (Underground Media Network) and later ANDtv ( ARMEd and Dangerous - Atlanta Radical Media Expirement). The birth of the studio was in 2004.  Beginning with politically motivated sketch comedy and stop motion Jay and his team would in 2007 transition to "film making" and main stream media production.  Launching Atlanta's first dedicated sci fi webseries The Sentinel Chronicles which included 2 seasons and  over a dozen short films and a feature in its 12 year production run.  Stepping into more mainstream productions the studio has worked on everything from award nominated short films, to features, sports entertainment, commercials and feature films. 

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Black Friday (2018)

Sci Fi, Action, Holiday

Short 1 min

Staring Jimmy Miller,

Clark Spalding and Sheridan C. Hall


The Sentinel Chronicles:

Know your Enemy (2017)

Action Sci Fi

Short 21 mins

Staring Erick Jackson and

Beth Beck

371: A TSC Vignette

Sci Fi, War, Action

Short 11 mins

Staring Clark Spalding and

John Stottman


The Sentinel Chronicles 2023:

Tears in the Snow (2018)

Action, Sci Fi, Noir

Staring Spencer Korcz and

Riker Hill


The Sentinel Chronicles:

Impossibility of Reason (2017)

Short 7 mins

War, Action , Sci Fi

Staring John Stottman, Caitlyn Corbin and Sheridan C. Hall


The Undead From Space (2018)

Zombie, Horror, Comedy, Action

Short  17 mins

Staring James Tackett,

John Stottman, Jimmy Miller and

Clark Spalding